Our Process

Your brand has value because you’re phenomenal at what you do. But creating content that connects with your audience and compels them to action is difficult work.

With our story-driven approach to video production, this is exactly what we can create together.

You will experience a comprehensive (and highly enjoyable) five-stage process that will produce work that connects your key messages with your ideal audience.

We’ve refined it over scores of projects and thousands of hours in the field. And have learned our best projects grow from genuine partnerships.

Here’s what to expect when you partner with Yarn:

1. Strategy

Your goals orient everything we do. Whether you’re trying to increase sales in particularly tricky market or showcase your company’s culture, this goal becomes our definition of success.

2. Research

The hero of your story is your customer. Here, we dive deep into market research. This stage in the process is truly invaluable because it’s where we connect what your audience needs with the value your brand provides. This is where stories come to life, produce results, and have lasting resonance.

3. Roadmap

We are logistics nerds who love details. Your project will accomplish its vision because we translate our years of field expertise into realistic project roadmaps. You will never have to wonder what is happening or where we’re headed next. We over communicate and make it happen.

4. Production

Now it’s time to pull the cameras out. The magic happens in three layers: pre-production, production, and post-production.

From storyboarding to scripting to assembling the perfect crew, a thousand details come together before filming starts. Our years of experience and industry network allows us to fit the team to your needs, not the other way around.

Our production crew works early and stays late, equipped with the best gear in the industry to capture every shot with precision. On site, you will work with a professional, courteous, and hardworking team to bring the creative to life


Finally, our editors, animators, and colorists transform raw footage into award-winning video. We partner with you to refine a final product worthy of your brand’s story.

5. Partnership

We don’t stop when the cameras are off and the video is in your hands. Yarn is a long-term partner who will help strategize its marketing, promotion, and amplification. This takes many forms, but the results are always the same: we produce video that produces ongoing results.