Our Story

I was 15 years old, dressed in a shirt and slacks, sitting in a bank, sweating profusely. The loan officer looked from me to my dad and stated, “This is the smallest loan I have ever approved, but I can’t wait to see its outcome.”

On that $5,000 I founded my first company. I knew nothing about business and even less about marketing, but I knew without a doubt I wanted to create work that connected people to others. I had a passion I couldn’t keep to myself. 13 years later that passion has only grown through experience into a focus of impacting and helping others tell their story.

United Way

Midwest values, international experience.

While proudly grown in Fargo ND, we have the honor of producing all over the world.

What we believe

Our fire is fueled by story-form communication, and we believe that story should be about your customer’s journey. We believe your company is positioned to truly help others succeed.

How we work

Providing you with the tools to better communicate your message takes expertise on both sides. We want to be a partner with you and help see your customers find a true connection to who you are.


The core of our values are built upon honesty. You should expect to see honesty in every aspect of Yarn and will see us partner only with those who operate the same way.

Our team think

Founded by Rob Burke and run with a network of experts, Yarn operates on the idea that your projects need the right expertise. Being able to onboard when needed from our network is how we keep agile enough for any project. (701) 251-4790

“Constant growth” is our motto

We surround ourselves with those better than us, evolving to meet the expectations of you and your customers. 13 years in the marketing industry and counting, we’ve been a part of strategy and production for the likes of Bobcat, Arizona State, Medtronics, Sanford, United Health Care, and Ball State.