Alerus Customer Stories

Customer Focused

Alerus Financial is focused on personal experience from beginning to end. Relationships are important to the experience customers will have with Alerus, and focusing on the client’s journey more than their own is engrained in their culture. Alerus Financial Corporation, marketed as simply Alerus, is a chain of financial institutions with locations in North Dakota, Minnesota and Arizona.

“It is so valuable to know I can trust Yarn in front of some of our best customers. They completely understand our brand and have truly brought it to life.”   –  Brand Manager, Erin Dickson

4x as many consumers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it.

From telling the story of a generational farm in Agriculture to the housing downturn in Arizona, Each customer story told is a way for Alerus to show a human connection to each vertical they have. If we look at the statistic above we know the influence video has in showing the value a company is one of the leading tools today.

The focus of the customer as the hero is key to the success of showing the values of Alerus. We help tell these stories in multiple formats on TV, social, and online stories. We have helped start an ongoing campaign telling the success stories of customers and how Alerus has helped them in their own journeys. Companies who show they value their customers directly effects the loyalty of customers who connect with them.

If you’re curious about know how to build your story around your customer we’ve broken it down for you. Whether it is video, blog, photo, or social, stories can connect you to your customers.

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