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A creative production company

A thousand threads

One Story

At Yarn, we believe in brands who believe in their customers, who see them as heroes of their own storyline. These brands know their products and services are tools for each and every hero’s journey. For us, you are our hero. We help weave your storyline, closing gaps and strengthening bonds with you and your audience through creative video production.

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Our Expertise

You can expect to have a personal creative experience with us. Yarn is most often found working on these types of projects:

Campaigns, Brand Alignment, Non-profit organizations,
Storytelling, Cinematic Production

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Our Foundation

In order to build something worthwhile, you need to have a solid foundation. Every decision we make must stand to these principles.


We care about you and work to understand your brand, your story and your needs. The best stories will always be found over good conversation.


We are honest in the creative process, self-aware of our strengths and limitations, allowing us to create true productions with you and for you. Strong relationships are built on trust.


We spin humanity into all our work and keep our creative process lighthearted. We believe, even within the most difficult of storylines, there is a reason to smile.


Focusing on social awareness, community, and helping brands change lives is at the heart of all we do. We gauge our work by its impact.


We search through obvious to find the threads of your story that resonate with your audience. Creativity is second nature.

Over 60% of internet traffic is video, having the largest reaching potential from you to your customers. Within all of that content, story is the knife that cuts through the clutter.

Creative Process

Like every hip company out there today, we too have a process that sets us apart….but seriously, this is our formula for creating amazing stories that compel and connect.

Creative Process

Soul Search

We get to know your company, the people who work for you and the people you serve. This helps us define your goals, lay a foundation and start spinning your story.

Creative Process


Telling a clear story of an intricate subject needs focus. We achieve this by refining your message into five actionable key words. This gives us the proper foundation to create your story.

Creative Process


We will be upfront in costs and make it a point to have no hidden fees. Ain’t nobody got time for hidden fees.

Creative Process


This final step includes all the components of production. From scripting to final edit, we weave your story together.

Rob Burke

Hailing from Bismarck, ND, Rob has been behind a lens since the age of 12 when he held his first film camera. His passion quickly moved to video production and at age 15, Rob took out a loan to buy equipment and start his first business creating videos.

Now with over twelve years in the marketing industry, a graphic design degree, and multiple roles leading production projects for large agencies, Rob’s experience and passion for film are the heart of Yarn Media. When he isn’t creating, Rob can be found hitting the slopes of far away mountains with friends or watching Arrested Development.

Rob currently resides in Fargo, ND with his wife Ali and their dog Petra.

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